What we can offer

Our society depends entirely on energy sources and carriers, and safety is paramount when handling these. If the energy is released too quickly, an explosion, a fire, or a run-away reaction can occur, yielding a potential hazard that exposes individuals or assets to serious risk. For conventional energy carriers used for decades or even centuries, such as coal or gas, risks and hazards are generally understood and acknowledged by users, including ordinary citizens. For potential zero-emission energy carriers like hydrogen, but also, ammonia and Li-ion batteries, the hazards are less understood.

HYEX’ services help energy infrastructure project teams, along with energy consumers, understand such hazards. Infrastructure projects include production, distribution, or storage systems, while relevant consumers range from industrial plants and buildings, to ships, vehicles, and trains. We advise how to handle and use new and conventional energy carriers safely, exposing staff, customers and others to risks as low as practically possible, well within tolerable levels.

Some of our services:
box Early design screening to identify hazards and propose design changes.
box HAZID workshops to identify major hazards in a systematic way.
box Risk assessments related to permitting processes with national authorities and class societies, or for project decision gates.
box Dedicated CFD-studies to assess a safety challenge and to find cost-efficient ways to improve system design.
box Specialist safety studies for larger oil and gas installations are provided. Larger risk assessments are not our primary scope, but such can be provided together with our business partners.
box Incident investigation support to understand incidents/accidents or potential of near-misses.
box Identification of potential hazards, to determine how incidents can be prevented in the future.
box Research and training courses on explosion risk and understanding of the relevant mechanisms.