Your Expert H2 and Gas Safety Partner

The business idea of HYEX is to provide expert advice within hydrogen and gas safety. We help projects develop safe and cost efficient solutions using quick engineering models in combination with computational fluid dynamics (CFD). This includes documenting risk for permitting processes with authorities, regulators and classification societies.

During his nearly 30 years’ experience in the field, the founder, Olav Roald Hansen, played an instrumental role establishing FLACS as a leading CFD software. Know-how from hundreds of large-scale experiments allowed for the development of techniques making FLACS the most accurate and efficient consequence prediction tool for dispersion and explosion. HYEX is built on this knowledge. Our main ambition is to facilitate for a safe transition to a hydrogen society.

Uncertain about your risks?-Just simulate it.


CFD-model of hydrogen venting systems considered for Havila Kystruten. Photo: Havila.

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