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Hans Westad of Kongsberg Maritime presenting at the opening of the HYSEAS III H2-fuel cell drive-train

Published 09.12.2021.

Opening of world's first full-scale H2-fuel cell drive-train!

On December 1 the Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry, Jan C. Vestre, opened the Kongsberg Maritime HYSEAS III full-scale test installation at Ã…gotnes near Bergen. Here they are testing the drivetrain of the planned HYSEAS III hydrogen ferry, planned for the Orkney Kirkwall-Shapinsay connection. HYSEAS III is EU-funded and has been delayed due to financial problems at the original yard. The new installation has a significant hydrogen storage, 600 kW hydrogen fuel cells, large battery banks, a power consumer, instrumentation, control and safety systems. At HYEX Safety we were happy to see a slide presented with reference to our risk assessment for the test site performed last year. Project manager Hans Westad highlighted the importance of proper safety work and mentioned they already had a leak incident a few months back in which the fire brigade came to assist.

Safety first! Great to see and touch real (and quiet) hydrogen systems.

The hydrogen storage of the HYSEAS III H2-fuel cell drive-train.