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Published 19.05.2022.

HYEX Safety and Gexcon signs MoU with aim to improve FLACS CFD

HYEX Safety and Gexcon last week signed a memorandum of understanding in which it was agreed to work together with the aim to improve the FLACS-CFD functionality and applicability for hydrogen safety. FLACS is a leading CFD software for gas safety developed and sold by Gexcon.

HYEX Safety is regularly performing FLACS-CFD studies using techniques to extend functionality beyond the official capabilities of FLACS or utilizing existing but less known functions useful for hydrogen studies. Examples include the simulation of vapour cloud detonations, improved blast wave predictions, high-pressure tank burst assessments, liquid hydrogen vapour dispersion and better methods for received explosion load predictions. While detonation modelling is useful for catastrophic incidents involving LPG-vapours or ethylene, it is often essential for hydrogen safety assessments.

HYEX Safety hopes that some of these techniques may be implemented into FLACS-CFD to help strengthen its position as a leading CFD-tool for hydrogen safety, and that methods become available to all FLACS-users and help ensure a safe introduction of hydrogen in the society.

In a May 19 Gexcon News statement, Chris Coffey, VP of Gexcon Products, expresses hope that the cooperation will help improve and enhance FLACS-CFD to the benefit of all users.

HYEX Safety is looking forward to the cooperation.