How can we help you?

Can we help you with anything related to the safety of hydrogen, ammonia or other gases?

Our most common project categories include:
box CFD consequence assessment for dispersion or explosion.
box Risk assessment of gas handling facilities, gas fuelled ships or other gas applications.
box Design safety review/screening or HAZID-workshops for sites or vessels.
box Help to understand an accident or an incident that has occurred.
box Training course or a presentation.
box Cooperation on projects.

If so, we are happy to discuss the matter further. Please contact us per email or phone. We are physically located in Bergen, Norway.

(+47) 91 17 17 87

Partners and alliances

Our CEO, Olav Roald Hansen, has previously worked at Gexcon for nearly 20 years. At Gexcon he contributed to the development and validation of the FLACS CFD model, with significant effort towards hydrogen modelling. His familiarity of FLACS’ abilities is used by HYEX Safety to perform simulations beyond the defined capabilities of the model, for example to model detonations, tank bursts, and liquid hydrogen releases. HYEX Safety has an interest keeping FLACS as the leading CFD consequence model for hydrogen safety studies and has therefore entered into a partnership with the development team at Gexcon with the aim of supporting the development of new models and functionality to make the software better suited for hydrogen safety modeling to the benefit of all users.

Azane Fuel Solutions, an Amon Maritime/ECONNECT Energy joint venture, develops a turn-key bunkering solution for ammonia fuel. AFS is the owner of the “Ammonia fuel bunkering network” project, funded by the Norwegian Research Council, working to build the first green ammonia bunkering terminal along the Norwegian coast. HYEX Safety is a project partner, contributing with expertise on ammonia safety and performing risk assessments of the bunkering solutions. Other partners include Yara, Sintef, OHC, and terminal operators Fjordbase and GOT.

Ocean Hyway Cluster is in Norway the leading network for hydrogen-based solutions in the maritime sector. The cluster is active in facilitating collaboration between its members and different sectors, and it is a centre for competence for the hydrogen value chain. HYEX Safety is an active member of the cluster, participating in several of the cluster projects and working closely with many of the other members.

The Zero Emissions Ship Technology Association is an international cluster with the aim of promoting a rapid transition to zero-emisstion maritime solutions. HYEX Safety is a member of ZESTAs with expertise within safety related to hydrogen-based fuels for the maritime. We help enabling this transition by finding and documenting safe design solutions for vessels developed to use hydrogen-based fuels. We contribute to ZESTAs with our experience, participating in meetings and presenting our work at conferences.

HYDROGENi is a Norwegian R&D initiative aiming to develop relevant competence and technical solutions for the implementation of hydrogen as a fuel in society. The centre, with more than 50 industry and academic partners, will receive a grant from the Norwegian Research Council of 200 MNOK over 8 years and will educate 35 PhD/postdocs and more than 100 master/bachelor candidates. HYEX Safety looks forward to contributing with our experience in hydrogen and ammonia safety.

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